Heavy Gear Blitz Southern Water Viper Two Pack DP9-9364


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The Water Viper Two Pack for Southern AST faction forces includes two Water Viper Heavy Gear models. Both come with their stock weapons loadout of Medium Frag Cannon, twin-linked Light Rocket Pack backpack, Light Vibroblade and Light Sub-Machinegun. There are also variant option weapons of 2 Light Spike Guns, 1 Medium Autocannon and 1 Medium Grenade Launcher. These allow players to build one Viper as a Gunner variant, and one as a Brawler variant; both can have the Silent Running (SR) upgrade if desired.
On a planet where most combat takes place on dry land, the Water Viper has a very niche market. However, the SRA has made significant purchases of the design to strengthen their swamp and jungle fighting units. The Water Viper Silent Running (SR) further includes an ECM pod and turbines retrofitted to reduce cavitation.
Note: Model supplied unassembled and unpainted. Contents may vary from those pictured. Decals not included.

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