Heavy Gear Blitz Status Tokens Upgrade Pack


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Heavy Gear Blitz Status Tokens Upgrade Pack 2nd to 3rd Edition is for players that want to upgrade their HGB 2nd token sets to work with the new HGB 3rd Edition Rules. This pack includes 12 laser etched acrylic tokens (about 20mm in size) to add to a 2nd Edition Status Tokens pack. Players who don’t have the old pack already will need the Heavy Gear Blitz Status Tokens Pack instead.

Status Tokens Upgrade Pack Contents:

  • 3 Green circle shaped order acrylic tokens (1 Let Them Have It, Charge, and 1 Pop Smoke)
  • 4 Red circle shaped No Move acrylic tokens
  • 4 Green hexagon shaped acrylic tokens (2 Stand By B and 2 ECM DEF)
  • 1 Yellow triangle shaped Haywire acrylic token

Note: Contents may vary from those pictured.

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