Heavy Gear Blitz Status Tokens Pack DP9-HGBST


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Heavy Gear Blitz Status Tokens Pack (see image for contents). The 27 laser etched acrylic tokens (about 20mm in size) include the following: 4 green circle shaped order tokens (1 Coordinated Attack, 1 Radio Silence, 1 Evade, and 1 Damage Control), 4 red circle shaped Action Used tokens, 7 green hexagon shaped tokens (4 Stand By, 2 Hidden, and 1 ECM Defense), 4 yellow triangle shaped tokens (1 Corrosion, 1 Haywire, 1 Dangerous Terrain, and 1 Immobilized), 4 orange blast shaped Crippled tokens, and 4 red blast shaped Destroyed tokens. Plus 16 plastic damage chips (4 green One Damage, 4 yellow Two Damage, 4 orange Three Damage, and 4 red Four Damage) which are 16mm in size.

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