Jovian Wars CEGA Constantinople Assault Ship


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The Constantinople class Assault Ship is CEGAs space-borne landing and boarding vessel. Its primary purpose is to transport the CEGA Space Marine Corps and deploy them into combat. Most commonly this might mean taking control of a base or orbital station; in fleet combat the Marines are most likely used in boarding actions. The assault ships carry a variety of weapons to get them to their targets. Firstly, the forward firing particle cannon is ideal against enemy capital ships. Secondly, there are anti-fighter missiles to protect against incoming squadrons. Finally, kinetic cannons round out the defences as effective all round weapons.
As well as small craft for boarding, the assault ships usually carry a squadron of Exo-armor; the Wyvern Marine is the Exo of choice for the CEGA marines. Given the importance of keeping its passengers fit and healthy, the Constantinople Assault Ship is one of the few CEGA ships to have a rotating habitat. This gives better gravity for the marines as they travel. These are the same design as on the Poseidon class battleship.
This pack includes one CEGA Constantinople-class model in 1/4000 Scale and its acrylic base. It includes all the resin and pewter parts to make a standard Constantinople ship.
You can include up to 3 Constantinople-class Assault Ships in your CEGA Fleet per 250 points of fleet size, at a cost of 45 points each; they will strike fear in even the largest opposing ships. Find out more about it in the latest Jovian Wars rulebook which is free to download from
Material: resin and pewter with Acrylic Base
Number of Models: 1
Model supplied unassembled and unpainted. The contents may vary from those pictured.

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