Jovian Wars Jovian Gagarin Tender Ship


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The Jovian fleet is spread thinly across the solar system; the Gagarin Fleet Tender is the ship chiefly responsible for keeping them flying. They are essentially a large floating workshop that can envelop other ships (or their separated modules) for extensive repairs. The Gagarin-class ships also serve as training ships for new personnel. The Jovian fleet can move these fresh crew to other vessels to replace injured or lost personnel. The tenders are equally adept at responding to non-combat disasters, whether these are damaged ships or even colony cylinders.
This pack includes one Jovian Gagarin-class model in 1/4000 Scale and its acrylic base. It includes all the resin and pewter parts to make a standard Gagarin-class ship.
You can include 1 Gagarin-class Fleet Tender in your Jovian Fleet per 250 points of fleet size, at a cost of 44 points; while a useful ally for your fighting vessels, the Fleet Tender will need protection and support. Find out more about it in the latest Jovian Wars rulebook which is free to download from
Material: Resin and pewter with Acrylic Base
Number of Models: 1
Model supplied unassembled and unpainted. The contents may vary from those pictured.

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