Heavy Gear Blitz Utopia Gilgamesh Tank DP9-9360


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Heavy Gear Blitz Utopia Gilgamesh Tank DP9-9360

The Gilgamesh is the lumbering centre piece of the Utopian battlefield. These tanks never operate alone. Normally surrounded by an army of drones and other units who protect weak points and clear traps, the tank uses its devastating weaponry on enemy emplacements and fortifications.
The Gilgamesh Command Tank is a Heavy Tank for Utopia Forces. Dream Pod 9 have made this model of high quality resin and included extra parts for variant models. The Gilgamesh stands 62 mm tall by 128 mm wide (with side modules attached) by 191 mm long.
Note: Model supplied unassembled and unpainted. Contents may vary from those pictured. Decals not included.

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