Heavy Gear Blitz Peace River Uhlan Strider DP9-9355


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Heavy Gear Blitz Peace River Uhlan Strider DP9-9355

The Uhlan is a Gear Strider for the Peace River Forces. Often called the “walking pill-box”, this Gear Strider bristles with Anti-Gear weaponry. A single unit is capable of laying down a withering stream of fire that can tear any Gear to pieces. Defensively it couples very heavy armour with an efficient anti-missile system, allowing it to withstand even the fiercest enemy assaults.
Made of high quality resin, this pack contains enough parts to make one stock or variant model.
Uhlan Strider Contents:
Uhlan Gear Strider miniature
Additional pieces to make variant models
40mm Base.
Note: Model supplied unassembled and unpainted. Contents may vary from those pictured. Decals not included.

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