Heavy Gear Blitz Northern Tiger Two Pack DP9-9098


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The Tiger Heavy Gear is an advanced design with more armour and better fire control than the Hunter. Northco developed the Tiger, with support from the UMF, as a response to the South developing the Jager. The armies of the Northern hemisphere use it as a shock trooper and line breaker; the design neither uses nor requires the many technological advances that have occurred after their entry into military service.

This pack features 2 Tiger miniatures with Medium Autocannon (MAC) and Medium Rocket Pack (MRP) stock weapons. There’s also an alternate Head and Satuplink to make the Sabretooth Command version of the model. Also includes extra weapon parts (MSC and MBZK) to make the variants found in the Heavy Gear Blitz Tabletop Wargaming Living Rulebook. These models are 38mm tall mounted on their hex base.

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