Heavy Gear Blitz Caprice Army Box Set (10 Models)


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Caprice Plastic Miniatures Army includes 10 plastic miniatures with lots of extra weapons and parts on the sprues. Painting and Assembly Required. Plastics Made in the USA.
Caprice Army Box Includes: 
5 x Acco Mount plastic sprue 
5 x Mounts A plastic sprue (Includes the bodies and weapons to make Bashan, Aphek, Kadesh, or Meggido Mounts) 
5 x Mounts B plastic sprue (Includes the 4 legs and hip part used by the Bashan, Aphek, Kadesh, Meggido, or Ammon Mounts, as well as the jumpjet parts for the Kadesh and Meggido Mounts) 
5 x Ammon A plastic sprue (Includes the body and weapons to make the Ammon Mount)

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