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The Bismarck, the flagship of the German navy, was the largest German warship alongside the Tirpitz and had a displacement of 50,900 tons and a crew of 2,092. Commissioned on Aug. 24, 1940, she sailed for Operation Rhine Exercise on May 18, 1941. Together with the Prinz Eugen she was discovered early by British air reconnaissance. The Hood was sunk by the Bismarck on 24.05.1941. After a long pursuit she received an aircraft torpedo hit on 26.05.1941 and was placed by the British battleships King George V and H.M.S. Rodney. On 27.05. own crew sank the Bismarck 490 km off the French coast.

  • Waterline hull
  • Detailed deck
  • Gun turrets
  • Cranes
  • Authentic paint scheme

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Model kit incl. building instructions and decals

Product number: 05802
Number of parts:31
Length:200 mm

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