Kill Team Starter Set Booklets + Rule Book + Dice + Markers


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This listing contains the following:
1x 96-page mini Core Rules: Learn your way around the brand new Kill Team with this tome of clear, concise rules for matched play, open play, and narrative play missions.

1x 56 page Recruit book:
 Discover the background behind the kill teams included in the box, including rules for fielding them in games of Kill Team and a host of missions set designed to teach you the core principles of Kill Team, before a Next Steps section which provides a helpful guide to building on and expanding your Kill Team experience.

3x Combat Gauges: The new edition of Kill Team uses a simplified measurement system to create fast, dynamic games. These combat gauges feature the new system’s symbols and are perfect for slotting into narrow gaps between operatives when a regular tape measure would be too cumbersome.

Additional Accessories: Get straight into the game with a double-sided game mat, a Kill Team token sheet containing 85 tokens, and 10 dice.

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