Jovian Wars Venus Satrap Carrier


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Most Venusian transports are essentially luxurious versions of the Ebiiru-class cargo ship; they usually possess a larger main hull and a gravity wheel for crew comfort. The Satrap Carrier is a modification of such a vessel, sacrificing some of its cargo capacity for the ability to service and launch fighters and exo-armors. Although this reasonably well-stocked fleet tender cannot fight well, it can launch swarms of daughtercraft to fight for it. In addition to traditional daughtercraft, the Satrap carries a large stock of Drones to assist in operations.
This pack includes one Venus Satrap-class Carrier model in 1/4000 Scale and its acrylic base. It includes all the resin and pewter parts to make a standard Satrap-class ship.
You can include 1 Satrap-class Carrier in your Venus Fleet per 250 points of fleet size, at a cost of 58 points. Find out more about it in the latest Jovian Wars rulebook which is free to download from
Material: resin and pewter with Acrylic Base
Number of Models: 1
Model supplied unassembled and unpainted. The contents may vary from those pictured.

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