Jovian Wars Venus Gao-Tzu Heavy Cruiser


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The Gao-Tzu-class heavy defence cruiser was the largest warship in service with the Venusian corporations. Only nine are known to have ever been constructed; given Venus’ secrecy, however, it is likely that several more of these vessels exist. These ships were originally in service directly to their home corporations; the recent formation of the CVNA (Cooperative Venusian Naval Administration), however, has altered their role somewhat. Those awaiting conversion to the more powerful Tsar heavy cruiser configuration are assigned to the Home Defence Force (HDF).
This pack includes one Venus Gao-Tzu-class Heavy Cruiser model in 1/4000 Scale and its acrylic base. It includes all the resin and pewter parts to make a standard Gao-Tzu-class ship.
You can include 1 Gao-Tzu-class Heavy Cruisers in your Venus Fleet per 250 points of fleet size, at a cost of 77 points. Find out more about it in the latest Jovian Wars rulebook which is free to download from
Material: resin and pewter with Acrylic Base
Number of Models: 1
Model supplied unassembled and unpainted. The contents may vary from those pictured.

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