Heavy Gear Blitz PAK & CEF / Nucoal GREL Infantry (2 Squads & 5 Teams)


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This GREL Infantry Pack is a new and improved pack for your CEF infantry needs, containing 24 GRELs, enough for 2 Squads and 5 Teams.


The GREL Infantry (2 Squads & 5 Teams) Pack is a new and improved pack for your CEF infantry needs. It contains all new sculpts of the Genetically Recombined Experimental Legionnaires, with more poses and specialist models. This means you now get 24 GREL models in the pack, enough to make five teams and 2 larger squads. There are also two Jan leader models if you want to enhance your GRELs further. The new GREL models are 1/144 scale and about 15mm tall.


The Genetically Recombined Experimental Legionnaire, or GREL for short, is a subspecies of homo sapiens designed and grown by the New Earth Commonwealth for use in subjugating Earths former colonies. These make up the vanguard of the Colonial Expeditionary Force; they regularly overpowered and controlled any colony who did not abide by the wishes of the homeworld.

These soldiers are physically different than humans – standing over 7ft tall and typically having a purplish skin completion. They were markedly stronger, faster and more agile than a baseline human. The New Earth Commonwealth breeds each GREL for a specific role, as one of the designed “classes”. They would therefore generally never deviate from that role of their own accord. Said to be the perfect soldier, a GREL has little will of his/her own. The CEF maintains strict control over them with breeding control (all GREL are sterile…except for extremely rare cases) and hypnotherapy (brainwashing).

GREL Infantry (2 Squads & 5 Teams) Contents:

  • 2 Jan GRELs
  • 2 Mordred Anti-Tank
  • 4 Mordred Pose A
  • 4 Mordred Pose B
  • 2 Mordred Mortar
  • 2 Mordred Raider
  • 4 Mordred Pose C
  • 2 Morgana Assault
  • 2 Morgana Sniper
  • 5 Hex bases (for Teams)
  • 2 Round 40mm bases (for Squads)

Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Contents may vary from those pictured.

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