Army Painter Swamp Turf (77 tufts)


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It came from the swamp! A very realistic look and very good to combine this tuft with others for great effects. Create miniature scenery bases with these model basing materials. Tufts are very easily applicable, and can be used to add details to your battlefields as well as your individual miniatures.

Comes in 3 different sizes for any base size. Attach easily with the help of our  Tweezer Set and Super Glue.

Contains 77 tufts.

  • Bring your painted miniatures to the next level – Use The Army Painter tufts to compliment your brilliantly painted miniatures by adding a touch of scenery to them.
  • Apply with ease – Tufts are easy to use. Simply remove your chosen model grass tufts from the pad, add a little Super Glue or Basing Glue to the underside, and place it on your chosen spot on your miniature base or terrain model.
  • Diorama supplies for your projects – Create miniature scenery bases with these model basing materials.
  • A package of plenty – You get 77 tufts in this package. 12 large tufts, 35 medium tufts, and 30 small tufts allowing plenty variety for your basing and scenery needs.

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