Meng Model U.S. Navy Battleship USS Missouri (BB-63) 1/700 PS-004


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The US Navy Battleship USS Missouri, the third of the Iowa-class battleships, was one of the most powerful battleships in the world. After Missouri was built, she received the installation of a lot of command and communication equipment. After commissioning, she was the flagship of the US Navy carrier strike groups. In May 1945, Japanese government representatives signed the Japanese Instrument of Surrender on board the Missouri, marking the end of WWII. The ship was finally decommissioned from the US Navy after the Gulf War.

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This PS-004 1/700 scale US Navy Battleship Missouri (BB-63) plastic model kit features fast snap-fit design which doesn’t need glue. All the parts are pre-colored. Waterline and full hull options are available.

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