Meng Model Warship Builder: U-BOAT TYPE VII WB-003


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The U-boat Type VII was a German submarine built before WWII. It could conduct a war in the Atlantic. A total of 704 Type VII series U-boats were ever built. It kept to be the backbone of the German U-boat force until the end of the war. Relying on Admiral Karl Dönitz’s “wolfpack” tactics, many ace commanders and their crew operated their U-boats to gain outstanding victories during WWII.


The U-boat Type VII is one of the Warship Builder series plastic models. Thanks to the bold design, the cold war machine in real life has been transformed to a cute warship model. This kit includes dark grey and light grey parts to replicated the Type VII U-boat’s basic painting during WWII. This model can be built in a quick and enjoyable way thanks to the press-fit assembly design and adhesive stickers.

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